Circular Images

circular images

It was a sunny day in London. I was sitting under a tree and had this idea: what if I could scan an image draw the bright areas with circular lines? Bullshit. I stole it. This guy did it first.

I absolutely loved the visuals and had to do it myself. He tagged it as #processing but I didn’t find a sketch or a video so I could only guess how it worked. Once I got the basics working I had a few ideas for variations and threw some sliders in. It’s not completely new, but I like to think my small additions are valid.

There is more to explore. Maybe make the circles pulse with sound. Maybe add 3D. Maybe write a shader and run it over a video. These could all be really cool. If someone wants to try please go ahead and let me know what you did. I might try them too. But for now I just want to release this as is. A quick experiment.

I imagine this could be a nice artwork for an album cover. If you agree and happen to know just the band/artist, get in touch and I’ll be happy to work on a version with good print quality size.

Thank you @williamapan for the amazing ‘Shout’ photo.

Check the experiment here.

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  1. love it! was just playing with a few circles myself –

    might have to incorporate some image rendering next!

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