flag.in for PlayBook

My first PlayBook app is now available for free on BlackBerry App World.

flag.in – A quiz about flags, countries and capitals

The idea to make it started when I became addicted to a flag quiz game on my Android phone. It was quite fun to play, but it was too ugly and I thought it was missing some features. So why not build one myself? I went on with the concept, a few sketches and I got myself an Android development book. The progress was very slow because I was learning the language while building it.

Then I attended to Flash Camp Brasil 2011. RIM was there showcasing their new tablet and people got pretty excited about it. Since it is possible to build native apps for the PlayBook using AIR, why not put my ‘flags quiz’ project on track and build it with ActionScript? I started the development as soon as I got back home.

I had a good time working on it. The only differences from a desktop AIR project are the setup (downloading the SDK, installing the simulator, etc) and working with the QNX components. I have already talked about these two topics here.

flag.in game types: country » capital and flag » country

For future updates I think about adding sound, a horizontal layout, statistics, etc. But I am more interested in what people have to say about it. So go get flag.in and make sure you leave your review and comments. Cheers!

Big Thank You:
– to my beautiful girlfriend Pri, for helping me with the countries info;
– to my friend Toninho, for design tips and early logo designs;
– and to Cássio, for testing the app on a real device.

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